Skin Cleansing Tips

Skin Cleansing Tips & Tricks:

✔ Using your favorite cleansing wash, it is important to wash your face morning and night! (NEVER SKIP YOUR MORNING WASH) Overnight products from your hair or other dirt and oils absorbed by your pillowcase may transfer to your skin- causing an ugly breakout!

✔ For best results, cleanse your face using lukewarm water (not too hot or not too cold). Simply cold water does not open your pores and hot water dries out your skin.

✔ At the end of each facial wash remember to MOISTURIZE...MOISTURIZE...MOISTURIZE! This is to keep your skin looking fresh all day.

Everyone has different skin! Not every cleansing wash will work for everybody! Know your skin type! 

If you experience itchiness and redness you may have (Sensitive Skin)  

If you experience really shiny skin and your skin feels heavy you may have (Oily Skin)

If you experience flaky skin you may have (Dry Skin)

If you experience a flaky skin and shiny skin then you may have (Combination Skin)

Your face is the first thing a person notices on contact so make sure your skin is always on point by following these simple tips! Find the perfect cleansing wash for you and stick to it! Clear skin is Beautiful!